Baby's 5 senses

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Taste


  • Newborn: blurry vision & high contrast hues, thus primary colors fascinate her/him
  • Two months old: able to follow on moving objects
  • Five months old: developing eye-body coordination where baby starts reach out for something
  • Six months old: able to focus at any distance. Baby learns that the closer it is, the bigger the object is
  • Twelve months old: vision is virtually developed

Things to do to help baby developing vision:

  • Laying baby down on colorful mat
  • Putting mirror in front of him during tummy-time
  • Playing Pee-Ka-Boo strengthen their eye-hand coordination


  • Newborn: Baby starts recognizing smell from the moment he/she is born

Things to do to help baby developing sense of smell:

  • Expose her/him to variety of smell, such as fruits, herbs, coffee, shampoo, flowers, etc. 


  • Newborn: able to remember familiar sounds from womb
  • Three months old: able to duplicate sounds she/he hears - by cooing
  • Five months old: able to respond to sounds
  • Eight months old: able to understand the meaning of words she/he hears

Things to do to help baby developing sense of sound:

  • Creating music together
  • Reading books


  • Newborn: loves skin-to-skin contact
  • Six months old: able to grab something
  • Six to Nine months old: crawling and touching

Things to do to help developing sense of touch:

  • Practice more skin-to-skin contact
  • Massage
  • Expose her/him to different texture objects


  • Newborn: born as sweet tooth. Not a fan of sour and bitter flavours
  • Four months old: start to like salty flavours

Things to do to help developing sense of taste:

  • Let baby sit at the dinner table together
  • Expose him/her to different taste of food



Nancy Rones, Your Baby's Developing Senses.