FISHES ARE OUR BUSINESS, AND WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING. There's no doubt that we know the best methods to keep your fish fresh, and how it's brought into Singapore.

Why Wen's ?

How Do We Make Wen's Whitebait Powder?

The video below showcases how we catch and process our Whitebait from our very own fisheries. We are the only company that catches our own Whitebait, and start our quality control right from the very beginning. Having the ability to do so, guarantees that every batch of Whitebait our customers get is safe, fresh, and of the upmost highest quality.

Why Do We Use Whitebait Instead of Ikan Bilis (Anchovies)


Our Nutrition facts are tested and proven by a Singapore Accreditation Council Approved Laboratory.

Cooking With Wen's Whitebait Powder

When it comes to preparing meals for your little ones. Wen's Whitebait Powder is a great companion. Wen's Whitebait Powder can be added to most recipes of your own. Check out the youtube video for our Pumpkin and Broccoli Whitebait Porridge Recipe. Also, check out our Facebook page to see how Mummies use Wen's Whitebait Powder in preparing their little one's daily meals.

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