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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it & Why is it good?

Wen's specializes in seafood powders, processed to suit everyone's consumption from as young as 6 months old.

It is high in DHA, Calcium, Phosphorus and many more minerals, good for brain, heart, bone and teeth development.

It enhances the flavours of food, highly recommended for picky eaters.

Most importantly, it is convenient and easy to use! 

How to use?

All of Wen's products are pre-cooked, it can be consumed with or withour further cooking. 

The powder can be added during or after your cooking.

When can I start giving?

6 Months old - Whitebait powder, Ikan Bilis powder

1 Year old - Scallop powder

3 Year old - Crunchy whitebait

How much to give?

Depending on the size of each meal. But generally we recommend 1/2 to 1 tsp per meal.

Get our signature Nova bottle, it comes with mini wooden scoop. Easy measurement, just one scoop per meal.

Any expiry date?

Yes, shelf life of Wen's products is 12 months from production date.

At Wen's we believe in delivering freshest products to your door step, all items purchased directly from our website are freshly made to order. Therefore, do allow 2-3 working days of preparing time. 

Where should I store?

Highly recommend to store all Wen's products in fridge or even freezer (keep away from raw meat).

Although Wen's product is shelf-stable without no preservative added, however due to Singapore's humid weather, moisture may develop if not kept properly.

How long can 1 bottle last?

For daily usage, 1 bottle is about 1 month supply.

Can I eat it everyday?

Yes, Wen's products are made with fresh ingredients, with no added salt / sugar / any preservative. Safe for babies to consume daily. 

Over-consumption happens, when 40 scoops of powder is accidentally added into your 1 meal. 

Any simple recipes?

Yes, Click here for some featured cooking videos.

Recipes are also actively shared by mummies in our social media.

Follow us at our Instagram & Facebook.

What are the nutrients?

Click here for all the nutritional facts.