Since 1965, we have been managing fishery businesses and importing fresh harvest into Singapore from our own fisheries in Riau Islands - Indonesia.

 At Wen's Whitebait Powder, you can rest assure with the quality of our Whitebait. Our Whitebait are harvested and hand selected at our fisheries, and are only imported weekly into Singapore to preserve its freshness with the upmost importing methods.

Our confidence and control in quality allows us to bring only the good stuff to your children and you, from farm to fork.

SAC Laboratory Tested

Wen's Whitebait Powder has been tested at a Singapore Accreditation Council Approved Laboratory.
The lab test results shows that our Whitebait powder is rich in DHA (Brain Development), Calcium (Bone Development), Magnesium (Bone and heart health), Phosphorus (Good for Pregnant Mums) and most importantly, very in sodium (~0.003g/serving)
A simple comparison between Wen's Whitebait Powder and X brand Milk Powder:
  • WWP DHA: 2010mg/100g | Milk Powder DHA: 30mg/100g
  • WWP Calcium: 1590mg/100g | Milk Powder Calcium: 620mg/100g
  • WWP Magnesium: 282mg/100g | Milk Powder Magnesium: 43mg/100g
  • WWP Phosphorus: 1400mg/100g | Milk Powder Phosphorus: 390mg/100g


    SU WEN G.

    Punctilious about giving the best to her Son and anxious to be an entrepreneur herself, Wen's Whitebait Powder was the creation of Su Wen's amaranthine pursue of entrepreneurship. 

    Su Wen came from a traditional business heritage in managing fisheries since the 1960s. Her family has ever since been importing ocean harvest into Singapore. Nothing escapes her delicate nose and tongue trained from young, and Su Wen accepts only the freshest and highest quality of Fresh Whitebait that is being used produce Wen's Whitebait Powder.




    Charwin's background comes from having vast experiences in running multiple self-owned businesses. With experience in the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Marketing industry, it makes him a natural in business strategy. 

    He is also a meticulous marketer for the business, that keeps Wen's Whitebait Powder competitive in the market.