Baby Cereal Puree Bundle (6*20g)
Baby Cereal Puree Bundle (6*20g)
Baby Cereal Puree Bundle (6*20g)

Baby Cereal Puree Bundle (6*20g)

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Baby Cereal Puree Bundle (6*20g)

  • 3x Baby Cereal Puree Whitebait & Pumpkin
  • 3x Baby Cereal Puree Whitebait & Purple Sweet Potato

Baby Cereal Puree (Whitebait + Pumpkin)
Wen’s Baby Cereal Puree is made from ground grains, fish and vegetable. Our balanced formula consists of Red Rice + Millet + Whitebait + a choice of vegetable.

Why Red Rice?
Red rice contains vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibre. The antioxidant variety in Red Rice is found almost 10 times more than Brown Rice. Red Rice is also a source of Selenium that protects against infections.

Why Millet?
Millet aids in digestion and is rich in vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and Protein.

Why Whitebait, not Ikan bilis?
Whitebait is a Wen's specialty. It is rich in DHA, phosphorus, iron and many more! It also contains much lesser sodium than Ikan Bilis.

Usage instructions
Add 30ml** of warm milk or warm water, mix well and serve
**You may add more/less milk/water to Baby's liking